“What’s YOUR excuse?”

The following picture popped up in my newsfeed yesterday.

My first instinct was hatred.

My second was jealousy.

My third was offence.

Because it’s personal. It’s directed at YOU, and it’s directed at ME. What’s YOUR excuse? The three words across the top reach out from inside the screen and grab me in the pit of my stomach.

It’s the assumption that we NEED to have an excuse, if we have one child or ten, to look how we do.

Do I think she has the right to be absolutely proud of what she has achieved? Of course! I think she looks stunning, and I can’t imagine the dedication it took to get so fit. She should be extremely pleased.

Do I think she has the right to assume that YOU and ME need or make excuses if we do not look the way she does? No.

Should I have to justify the way my body looks after carrying two children? Hell no!

I work a full time job. My days are packed with meetings, near non stop work, and my time outside of work is consumed by a child who steadfastly refuses to sleep longer than 2 hours and often wakes 8 times in a night. I drag myself out of bed in the mornings, too tired to even comb my hair (often too tired to shower), and at night I drag myself to bed, too tired to remove my make-up. When I eat, it’s calorie packed, high energy, easy food. To keep me going. My body aches. My head aches. I keep myself going with anti-depressant drugs and slivers of hope. Those are my excuses.

Are those good enough for you, Maria Kang? Does that mean my stretchmarks and my bloated post partum stomach are OK with you? Or should I just try harder? Be less lazy? Push through? Think positive?

Do you want your image to be inspiring? Or do you want to alienate us?


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